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i did the thing.

I’m loving that on a Children’s cartoon the bad guy is promoting the dismantling of governments with bad leaders at the head of society and just when you start thinking “man this guy sounds nuts” one of those heads of society proves him right. 

Talk about relevant topics.


For anyone who hasn’t seen the leaked Deadpool trialer…ENJOY!!!! 

Fox- please don’t sue me! I am but a humble citizen of the internet, and I love Deadpool. I’ll give you a cookie! :D 



This existential 5-year-old wants time to stop.  And who doesn’t relate to this at one time or another in their lives?

This is adorable

I just love how babies dont understand anything. Look at that smile he gives her! LOOK AT IT!


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So anyway I am working on a new book of people I hope you hate and are drawn to???

bae come over
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NYPD officer pictured ‘putting seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling outside her apartment’

An advocacy group has released images which claim to show an NYPD officer putting a seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling on the sidewalk in front of her apartment. 

NYPD officers have been banned from using the chokehold since 1993, but an officer can be seen in the pictures wrapping his arm around 27-year-old Rosan Miller’s neck in the Saturday incident. 

Her young daughter is also in the pictures, watching the arrest unfold.

Illegally grilling on the sidewalk! What a hardened, dangerous criminal! And I bet that little girl now has a very solid grasp on who she can trust and what’s ok to do to women and/or people who are physically weaker than you!

The Great Playwrights Ranked By Cause of Death 


18. Tennessee Williams – Tried to open eye drop bottle with teeth, choked on cap.

17. Joe Orton – Bludgeoned to death by partner during domestic dispute.

16. Jean-Paul Sartre – Infected papercut.

15. Arthur Miller – Frowned for too long, too deep.

14. Noël Coward – Appeared in…


“While Her extrapolates current trends into a totally plausible yet magical-seeming near-future, Don Jon approaches technological fixation from a more mundane angle. [Joseph] Gordon-Levitt is attempting to say a lot of things with his film, most of them at an extremely high volume that’s even more apparent next to Her’s quiet assuranceBut one of the smartest points he makes is about the comfort of routine, and how much of his protagonist’s addiction to Internet pornography boils down to habit. Masturbating to online videos is something Jon can, and does, do with no more effort than it takes to pull up a game of Candy Crush or idly scroll through Twitter during commercials. Similarly, all Theodore has to do is tap an earbud, and there Samantha is, ready and willing to satisfy his emotional, intellectual, and organizational needs. Such ease of access is the gateway to addictive habits: When we can have something anytime we want—physical, emotional, or intellectual gratification, or simply having our email read to us—it stops being a specific desire, and becomes part of the fabric of everyday life.”

Our series of 2013 double-features continues with the pairing of Her and Don Jon, which both use Scarlett Johansson as the ultimate object of desire to explore how technology is affecting our human relationships. [Read more…]

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